Wire Work

Wire Work

It is through this medium that I can express my 3d exploration, Through experimenting with various thickness’ and techniques at college and university it has only encouraged my exploration of fascination of possibilities with this everyday material.

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Representing the body in this way seems to appeal to me as well due to the fact I keep repeating the process until it develops into a entirely new outcome . Obviously a Antony Gormley enthusiast . Such as below how you can see the two corsets was due to my interests of the constraints and the ideals we hold as a society that are blamed on new ideals of size zero models in magazines. When in reality women of the past have always had ‘help’ before the pain free magic of photo shop to appear the ideal size. I had a volunteer try the corset on to show the damage that can be done due to wearing these corsets that our elders would wear to look thin no matter what the danger .

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