The Secret Tea Party


The Secret Tea Party 2012

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The secret Tea party was a event held by North Yorkshire Open Studios  .It was a fantastic opportunity to use our creative minds as a collaboration to celebrate everything about traditional tea parties. Through a workshop day where other creatives could book to join in the activities. Such as sewing and writing using batik technique onto napkins, decorations made through filling teabags with essences and flowers to create  interesting artwork for the window decorations as well as sewing different tea cups and saucers onto fabrics to decorate the room where the event was being held.

Each of the collaboration brought alot to the experience to make it a successful day that everyone enjoyed through using creative intelligence .Such as projecting the tea leaf drawings onto the main wall on a live feed. Social skills that were needed to invite  people into see the work . As well as patience to run all the tasks needed on time such as setting up cakes, serving tea and meanial tasks such as cleaning up at the end of the event.

Drawings using Tea Leaves collaborating with HelenAxton. It was through working together on this early collaboration that developed into the final video played when the live feed was not active.

Final Video played during the Secret Tea Party
Video by Sally Young, Helen Axton and Vanessa Balmer