Bet Tea

tea potBet Tea- Mail Art Project

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Bet Tea was a enjoyable escape where I explored a secret identity, sent art through the mail. I signed up to the international mail art list. Where I gained connections from all around the world such as Africa , Italy and Spain. It was one of the most enjoyable modules of my degree. It was hard to gain a correspondence with others in the class.I tried through using mixed media , such as sewing on tea bags using origami and sending potentially dangerous packages (teabags with needles sewn into it. )  I made the teapot and wall of cigar tins that I had reworded to say threatening messages. It showed that through being mean or asking anyone to do a task that required effort would not get any response . Where as the origami tea pots I had created for the whole class where it challenged the reader or entertained I gained the most replies from this. 
I hope to one day to re-invest in mail art.