A new blood glucose monitor case

Emotive design is how I came to design my product for a better (glucose monitor)blood count machine. Through being connected with diabetes through family.

It is my ambition to make life easier for the user. It was a very successful improvement on the current bag as, when identifying the problems with the current situation I have witnessed the everyday problems that diabetics have to cope with everyday. If I were to pursue my ultimate goal of making this bag available to buy, I would want it to be with quality designers such as the leather bag design company Radley. In today’s society where commodity is far more popular focus than actual enhancements on products that can enhance the quality of a humans life. It seems to be far more important to find designers to  keep the the Iphone 5 trendy for the next week rather than demand better   products be designed completely so that disability and long term health conditions do not have to be considered when purchasing the product .


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